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Developers Offer Rockstar Sympathy As The Internet Goes Wild Over GTA 6 Leak

No developer takes their time like Rockstar Games. Each open-world game he creates is more elaborate and takes longer to build than the last, and Grand Theft Auto 6 (opens in a new tab)whenever it does, will arrive at least 10 years after GTA 5. But for the first time, we won’t be seeing the new Grand Theft Auto for the first time in a carefully groomed Rockstar trailer: Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked this weekend -end, and it sank big.

A hacker has obtained some 90 videos of an in-development version of GTA 6, and also claimed that they “might soon release more data”, including “source code and assets for GTA 5 and 6, the test version of GTA 6”. In a statement Monday, Rockstar confirmed the leak. (opens in a new tab) originated from a “network intrusion”.

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