NGage Properties Group is one of the world’s premier design and build companies. washington d.c. to fully immerse its customers in the experience of renovating their dream home using virtual reality technology

WASHINGTON, September 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To reside in the Washington the most desirable neighborhoods in the region, current and potential owners often choose older homes that need a lot of work. Whether tearing down and building a new home or upgrading the one they currently own, savvy homeowners in the DC area are looking for the right design and construction company to create their dream home. To elevate a homeowner’s home improvement experience, DC-based NGage Properties Group is proud to announce its new nVision Service – an immersive experience that allows homeowners to stand inside and almost touch the details of their future dream home.

NGage Properties Group is among the first in the DMV to bring a virtual reality experience to its customers. With nVision, customers can stand in their current home, put on virtual reality goggles, and see their home completely reimagined to their liking before construction begins. Homeowners can see open floor plans with existing walls, new multi-level additions expanded where none exist, and truly remodeled and modernized kitchens in place of old and outdated ones. ash those. Customers can also see vaulted ceilings, homeowners dream bathrooms, custom designer closets, decadent lighting and new window designs where there are none in their current home.

“While virtual reality technology has been around for a while, NGage Properties Group is revolutionizing the design and build space in an innovative and electrifying way,” said Nicole Butler, founder and CEO of NGage Properties Group. “We pride ourselves on being the leading company, going beyond the typical 3D experience and delivering a completely immersive experience for owners in the Washington Region.”

With the nVision service by NGage Properties Group, the definition of design choices is made early and the element of surprise is greatly reduced. Before and even during construction, critical design decisions can be made, alleviating homeowner anxiety.

In addition, this process benefits all customers. NGage Properties Group helps real estate agents close the deal by guiding buyers through the search for a new home in a very tight market. In the DC area, inventory is almost non-existent and homeowners are often forced to choose between the neighborhood they want to live in or the home of their dreams. The firm joins forces with real estate agents to imagine or nVision the most unsightly house completely renovated, thus multiplying the options of the customers.

nVision is currently in use with owners across the washington d.c. area – including but not limited to Bethesda, Chevy-Chase, Bowie and Arlington – for arranging luxurious living spaces. They build custom homes, new multi-level additions, four-season outdoor living spaces, custom kitchens and bathrooms, and completely redo floor plans.

“With NGage Properties Group and its new nVision service, we are taking the guesswork out of the renovation experience. When the imaging just isn’t good enough, come nVision with NGage Properties Group,” Butler said.


Ngage Properties Group is a full-service design and construction company headquartered in washington d.c.. It serves clients in washington d.c., Marylandand Northern Virginia. Their business model uniquely combines home improvement and sales services. They help clients find the house, buy the house, design the house, and then build the house. Transparently. Completely. To learn more about nVision, visit


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