What does my network do when I'm not watching it?

What does my network do when I’m not watching it?

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In a competitive marketplace where connectivity is a necessity, there is no acceptable downtime; the service must be up, 100 percent of the time. From gamers to heavy industry, users are looking for speed, availability and consistency.

To ensure these needs are consistently met, Ericsson’s business continuity AI application suite “thinks data,” using AI to deliver on your network promise.

The Service Continuity AI application suite is the latest addition to Ericsson’s network support services portfolio. The application suite was developed in collaboration with Communication Service Providers (CSPs). These are not “one size fits all” solutions; rather, they are intelligent algorithms that can be adjusted and adapted to your needs.

Artificial intelligence applications help detect and solve potential problems in your network, acting on specific parameters to improve performance and quality according to the objectives you define.

Using AI, the applications in the suite are effectively an ever-evolving service, analyzing large amounts of data to continuously improve network quality and performance over time. In other words, the AI ​​application suite is combined with human insight to get your network started thinking about data.

So how does this improve service continuity? Let’s take a closer look.

Resilient networks

The characteristics of a resilient 5G network are reliability, availability, robustness and security. AI brings value to all layers of a telecommunications network, and together they enable you to gradually grow and grow your network, into the network of the future. Our service continuity offer has now been reinforced with products close to AI applications as catalysts to ensure network resilience.

AI inside products

AI inside products, improving their performance

AI in service close to the product

AI in near-product services delivers high resiliency and performance with reduced TTM and expertise requirements

AI in operations

AI to manipulate, understand and act on operational data


The success of service continuity in modern networks can be summed up in a relatively simple formula:

HI + AI + raw network data high performance networks + accurate business decisions

HI (Human Insight) AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Thinking in terms of data requires both quantity and quality, and raw network data is the largest pool of data available.

The table below shows a service provider’s data structure continuously analyzed with Ericsson Service Continuity:

Average network data input for business continuity AI application suite Datasets Collect, process and create an ML model
70B data point records (structured data) Complex
20 million log lines (semi-structured data) Very complex
3M alarm records (unstructured data) Very complex

*Based on a service period of 6 months of continuity of service (real-time monitoring with 1 min granularity) on a live operator network

This is combined with the knowledge of our experts, who are in continuous interaction with the AI.

So how does this work in the real world?

In a customer network where our experts provided human insight, we were able to identify twice as many issues compared to unsupervised AI in the same network over the same time period. As AI software improves and anomaly detection capability increases, human oversight maximizes the impact of the introduction of each new AI application and subsequent network changes that may impact the algorithm.

Five categories of offers

AI applications are grouped into five main offering categories: information, performance, assurance, self-healing and energy efficiency.

Knowledge AI applications that perform network-wide or large-scale audit work to help prioritize network operations activities and increase operational efficiency.
Performance Artificial intelligence applications that alert offending cells on top of critical KPIs and automate the fault isolation process to improve network performance and increase operational efficiency
Insurance Artificial intelligence applications that check symptoms and fingerprints to alert potential system failures before alarms to avoid service interruptions and improve network quality.
Self healing AI applications that detect network anomalies and perform automatic recovery actions to anticipate service outages.
Energetic efficiency AI applications that save energy and improve energy efficiency while protecting and improving network performance.

Each of the AI ​​applications brings its own benefits to CSPs and those who use their services, the most obvious being improved network quality and stability.

Implementing AI

Given the importance of business continuity, many CSPs are reluctant to move too quickly to implementing automated or AI-powered elements, which is why Ericsson provides each customer with a dedicated team for accompany them on their journey.

This team will help remove the barriers to entry that prevent the CSP from integrating AI-based solutions into their network, helping them identify their specific needs and providing guidance on where to start and how to move forward. in the AI ​​journey. These consulting services will also help CSPs identify organizational changes and technological shifts that may be required to fully harness the power of AI.

The operational integration of AI at the product and near-product level is coupled with closed-loop functions at the network level. Ericsson’s suite of IA Service Continuity applications helps you save time and focus on your end-user experience, while your network consistently delivers unique value.

Extensive research and implementations of the AI ​​application suite in real networks have revealed fascinating results:

  • Resilience: Reduced critical incidents by 35% and network performance issues by up to 60%, making the network, including radio and core, more robust and stable
  • Zero contact: On a network in one month, there were 200 non-contact patches, greatly improving network stability and operational efficiency
  • Sustainability: 43% discounts for unnecessary radio replacements and,
  • Economic: Energy savings of 15% have been recorded by automating the deep sleep function, making the network more sustainable

Spirit of collaboration

The AI ​​suite of applications is built on a spirit of collaboration, internal and external. Ericsson has 3,500 domain and network experts in 180 countries who have helped create these AI applications in collaboration with service providers. This ecosystem of shared knowledge and expertise is key to providing the best possible foundation for applications to be useful as soon as they are deployed.

For CSPs, perhaps the biggest benefit is the ability to get away from the painstaking work of collecting data and analyzing it to identify flaws; with AI taking care of this in near real-time, they can instead focus on developing new products and services to increase revenue while network assets are optimized for maximum return.

The Future: From Data Thinking to Data Action

The advent of co-creation two years ago put Ericsson at the forefront of business continuity innovation as we developed custom AI applications with CSPs. Based on these experiences, we have seen all the hidden complexity of data-driven network operations.

In order to accelerate the transformation towards AI-based service continuity, we also offer a data-driven transformation consulting service.

Specialist service continuity transformation consultants help you address not just the tip of the iceberg, but also the organizational changes and technology building blocks needed to get the most out of AI in business-centric operations. data.

They can help you redefine the process and governance of AI applications, identify recommendations for planning converged operations through a continuous preemptive feedback loop, and provide analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence skills ( AAA) and end-to-end preemptive competence.

AI will be a key element in creating the efficient and resilient networks of the future. Teaching your network to think based on data – and then act on data – will make it leaner, more responsive and more reliable, reducing expenses and energy consumption while providing greater opportunities for new products and services, all with a consistently high level of performance.

Ericsson’s artificial intelligence applications ensure that service continuity in future networks will be proactive rather than reactive, resulting in better performance and a more rewarding experience for CSPs and service users.

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