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The activation of BBDO New York took place on the eve of the Transforming Education Summit at the United Nations General Assembly

Theirworld's AI holograms give a voice to children affected by the global education crisis

Failing economies, pandemic shortages, war, forced marriage, child labor, genocide, etc. There are myriad reasons why there are currently 260 million children in the world who do not have access to equitable education, and if current trends continue, half of all children on Earth will enter adulthood without the skills to move forward and achieve their dreams.

On the eve of the Transforming Education Summit at the United Nations General Assembly, global children’s charity Theirworld and BBDO New York brought New Yorkers face-to-face with children affected by the global crisis of education. From Lebanon to South Africa, children disadvantaged by poverty, war and emigration will appear via digital media, out of home and AI hologram projection to tell their stories, firsthand. Because if world leaders can get to know them on a personal level, while also being able to put a face to the story, they may feel more inclined to act.

The children’s stories appeared in social media and digital video, personalized and targeted via the geolocation of people in the immediate area of ​​UN Headquarters, with the aim of having a direct impact on decision makers in the Assembly general. And on the eve of the summit, an immersive pop-up experience took over Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park, where a holographic projection of children called on New Yorkers and global media to attend the kids call to #LetMeLearn in -person.

Projected onto the Manhattan skyline, Mahmoud, a five-year-old Syrian refugee, said, “There are loads and loads of kids like that who can’t go to school. When I’m older I want to be a doctor, but it’s going to be difficult because I can’t go to school. Now that you know me, maybe you’ll help Let Me Learn?

These events are the culmination of a months-long social media campaign, where young activists around the world have created videos talking about their own experience with (or without) an education, tagging all posts with a call to # LetMeLearn. Influencers, celebrities and other NGOs have taken up the cause, sharing anecdotes proving the importance of education in their lives, with the hope that the rallying cry will become a central theme of the General Assembly. To date, the social campaign has generated posts from over 11,000 unique users, reaching over two billion impressions.

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