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The all-new YachtEye AI will be unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show

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Over two years ago SuperYacht Times purchased YachtEye and today we are very excited to announce the launch of the all new YachtEye AI. Driven by the EssSense AI system we purchased last year, the new YachtEye AI will be available for demonstrations at YachtEye | SuperYacht Times (DS96) stand at the Monaco Yacht Show.Photo: YachtEyeOne of the major changes is that, thanks to the intelligent use of the AI ​​system, YachtEye AI is self-sufficient. In previous versions of YachtEye, the user had to enter data into the system, which the system then made visually available. The new YachtEye Ai aims to continuously entertain guests with relevant information about the yacht, the voyage and the events taking place around the yacht.

Let’s see from a yacht owner’s point of view how the new YachtEye will improve the experience of its customers:

You sit at the bar on the sundeck of your yacht and the large TV shows the YachtEye AI dashboard. The system will automatically give you instant updates on everything happening around you. YachtEye AI - Yacht RadarPhoto: YachtEyeAt this moment your yacht is passing Capri, the system will tell you that on your right you can see the famous Faraglioni rocks, the Yacht Radar can detect that one of your friend’s yachts is around the corner and is pulling his yacht and its location on the filter.YachtEye AI - Tenders and ToysPhoto: YachtEyeUpon arriving in the bay, the system will inform you of the interesting things you can do here and automatically extract this data from the SuperYacht Times destination and access point database. Children want to play with tenders and toys and browse all the toys available on the yacht.

At the end of the day, during dinner, he will give you a recap of the day with photos uploaded by your children with the YachtEye mobile application and he will show you the travel itinerary for the next day. YachtEye AI - Virtual engine roomPhoto: YachtEyeThe next morning the system sends an alert to your phone that the engines have been started and the virtual engine room appears on the large TV on the aft deck, while you eat breakfast, showing in real time 3D what is happening. The energy dashboard displays all the metrics of the on-board systems.

Next, today’s travel information with interesting things to do at the final destination. As the yacht begins to sail, the Yacht Radar will reappear and tell you which large new Feadship yacht is passing to starboard.

As you are always on the lookout for other yachts and enjoy watching yachts, you grab the tablet with the YachtEye app and start exploring other yachts that are in the area with the smart Yacht Radar feature that connects the AIS to the SYT iQ database.

At the end of the day, the yacht arrives in the port of Monaco and you work from your office on board with YachtEye on your TV. When the yacht enters the port, the YachtEye system automatically switches to video surveillance and shows you the bow of the yacht and the port of Monaco. Once she turns around in port and begins to dock back, the CCTV switches to the rear camera so you can watch the docking process. YachtEye AI - ItineraryPhoto: YachtEyeIn your office you quickly log on to the YachtEye web portal and in the Travel Inspiration section you will find an article about the coolest things to do in Portofino. After reading it, you decide to modify the itinerary and add an extra stop in Portofino the next day, which is automatically transmitted to the captain and crew and displayed on all YachtEye screens.

After returning home from an amazing vacation, you want to show your business partner the trip you have made and you install YachtEye in your office on the large television hanging above the model of yachts and you first check the current location of the yacht, before opening the Past Voyages feature and showing your business partner a cool animation of the voyage you have made. On the way back from your office, you are already creating the next route on your YachtEye mobile app and sharing it with your family, guests and the captain.YachtEye AI - Dashboard Night ModePhoto: YachtEyeThe above gives you a small impression of the cool things we can do with the new YachtEye. But it’s not just that, we’re also making life a lot easier for the crew. First, we’re building a destination database, with all the most popular yacht spots around the world, an overview of cool hotspots and inspiration on things to do. Second, since the AI ​​does most of the work, the crew has very little work to provide the best possible experience for the owner and guests. SuperYacht Times & YachtEye stand at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022Come see us at stand DS96 at the Monaco Yacht Show for a live demonstration of the new YachtEye AI or contact us at [email protected].

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